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How to Evaluate Emenalo in Chelsea

[Nov 07 2017 GMT]

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Chelsea club official announced that the team technical director Emelot has resigned, he ended up 10-year's work in Chelsea. During these 10 years, Emenalo was mainly responsible for Chelsea's transfer and youth training.

In 2007, Nigerian Emenello joined Grant with Chelsea. From the beginning, he was only responsible for Chelsea scouts. In 2011, Emenalo officially became Chelsea's technical director, focusing on the team's transfer and youth training. In recent years, Emenalo introduced a lot of reinforcements in the transfer market, but also let go of many new stars or important players, which is controversial.

During his time in Chelsea, Emenalo helped the team win three Premier Leaguechampions, three FA Cup champions, one League Cup champion, a Champions League and a League Cup champion. In addition, his emphasis on youth training to Chelsea youth team record is also very good. In the past 10 years, the Chelsea youth team won 6 Youth FA Cup champions, two Youth Champions.

Emenello has worked with 10 Chelsea managers. The Sun revealed that Emenello is a strong supporter of Conti, and last summer he urged Abb to hire Conti. This summer, Chelsea's signings are not very smooth. Coach Conti, Emenalo and team leader Granavskii had divergence.

"It was a tough decision, but both myself and my family thought it was a right decision. I've had the privilege of working here for the past 10 years, and I'm proud of my accomplishment. I want Chelsea to have a smooth future." Emei Naro said.
Subsequently, the woman supervisor Graafskaya also sent a thank you to Emelotalo. "Thank you very much for his efforts over the past 10 years, he played an important role in the development of the team." "Every Daily Mail "think it is possible to work in Monaco.