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How to Do Offense in NBA 2K18

[Sep 11 2017 GMT]

Mastering the dribbling and offense controls is one of the most important aspects to become the best NBA 18 player you can be. The animation system have gone under a huge overhaul, but the controls have stayed pretty similar.

Basic offense

Left Stick - Move Player

Right Stick - Pro Stick: Dribble Moves/Shooting/Passing

LT - Post Up

RT - Sprint

LB - Bring up player Icons

RB - Icon Pass

A - Pass/Touch Pass

B - Bounce Pass(tap)/Flash Pass(double tap)

X - Shoot(tap for Pump Fake/Hop)

Y - Overhead Skip Pass (tap)/Alley-oop(double tap)

Up on D-Pad - Gameplay HUD

Right on D-Pad - Offensive Strategies

Left on D-Pad - Playcalling menu

View - Timeout

Menu - Pause

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