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How to Complete the PC Hotlink Event in MapleStory M

[Jan 21 2019 GMT]

Nexon's MapleStory M is a adaptable aftereffect of the accepted MMORPG which aims to assuredly bear a adaptation of the acquaintance that on Android and iOS that feels as acceptable as the PC original. But adept MapleStory players will be admiring to ascertain that both versions of the bold can in fact be linked, so here's how to complete the PC Hotlink Event in MapleStory M.

The action is absolutely simple, you'll just charge to arch over to your MapleStory Administrator in the PC adaptation of the game, an NPC that can be begin in about every town. Interact with her and bang “Talk to a Maple Admin,” again bang on the advantage to “Check Maple M Cross Event String.” The Admin will again accord you an admission code. Now you'll wish to accessible MapleStory M, admission the settings menu, options, and bang on “Link PC” down at the bottom-left of the screen. You'll again be prompted for the admission cipher that you were accustomed by the Maple Admin. Simply access that cipher to hotlink the accounts.

Now that you acquire affiliated your accounts, accessible MapleStory M Mesos and bang on the annal in the top-right of the window to accompany up your tasks. You'll now apprehension that “Daily PC” tasks acquire been added for you to complete. These have to be accomplished aural a 24 hour aeon afore they refresh. An archetype of a adventure ability be something like “Hunt 100 Monsters,” or “Obtain 10 items,” etc. As you beat them off, just bright them from the menu. Now if you acknowledgment to the PC adaptation of MapleStory you'll see rewards listed on the larboard of the awning which you can again accept.