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How to Build a Quality Team

[Sep 05 2017 GMT]

Madden NFL 18 has released nearly a month. Have you play it? Do you want to be a top player in Madden NFL 18? Now, share how to draft a quality team in Madden 18 to you!

To build a custom team, just open a new franchise in the cloud and choose a team. Then, in the "Start" setting, select Fantasy Draft. In real life, the NFL draft has seven rounds. At Madden NFL 18, as you fill out a complete active list, prepare a 53 round draft. In the first few rounds, you will have a half and a half time to choose a player, but with the turn of the pass, your selection time will drop to 45 seconds.

To build a successful register of Madden, you need to be smart in the draft. So how should you allocate your choice?

At least in the first few rounds, there is a common formula. In your first round of selection, we recommend that you develop the highest level of QB. You can not control the order of the draft, so your choice may occur at the beginning, the middle, or the end of each round. In the second round, either an offensive informer, or a defender. Whatever you do not choose in the second round, you should pick up in the third round. In the fourth round, you should also be able to stop the elite from running back. In the fifth, shoot the angle guard or the elite wide receiver. Whichever you do not participate in the fifth, select the position in the sixth.

After the sixth round, we recommend that you switch back to the offensive defensive line in the next two drafts. Then, pick up the secondary receiver or secure, and then pick up the person you did not choose in the next round.

Ten rounds, you should have a solid core. When you draft, you will see that each position will have a result, let you know what you are doing. From this point, we recommend using the best player to fill in the remaining location. Fortunately, it is the overall player rating and position resolution, making it easier for you.

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