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How a team of only Georgia players fared in Madden 17

[Jul 03 2017 GMT]

The large number of ex-Bulldogs playing at the next degree begs a question which Ga fans everywhere have a minimum of put some amount of casual believed into: How successful might an NFL of all previous Georgia players be?

The solution comes from the be almost all end all predictor associated with actual NFL performance, Madden 17.

The Team:

I decided to start off with the Cincinnati Bengals because my base team. The Bengals already had A. J. Green, Geno Atkins, Shawn Williams and Clint Boling on their roster, so it was the simplest way to get things going.

Following, I went through the mind-numbing process of choosing the best player for every starting position and investing that player to the Bengals. Finally, I cut all of the original starters for the Bengals, making sure they never actually see the field.

After careful consideration, this is actually the best team I was in a position to make with only previous Georgia athletes.


QB: Matthew Stafford

RB: Jake Gurley

WR: A. L. Green

WR: Malcolm Mitchell

WR: Chris Conley

GHT: Benjamin Watson

LT: Cordy Glenn

LG: Clint Boling

C: David Andrews

RG: Ben Jones

RT: Steve Theus

Offensive Reserves: Keith Marshall, Marlon Brown, Orson Charles


CB: Brandon Boykin

CB: Tim Jennings

SS: Reshad Jones

FS: Shawn Williams

LOLB: Leonard Floyd

MLB: Alec Ogletree

ROLB: Thomas Davis

THE: Charles Johnson

DT: Geno Atkins

DT: Abry Smith

RE: Justin Houston

Protective Reserves: Ramik Wilson, Bob Mayes, Amarlo Herrera, Demarcus Dobbs, Dannell Ellerbe, Jarvis Jones, Bacarri Rambo, Damian Swann

Special Teams

KR: Todd Gurley

PR: Keith Marshall

K: Blair Walsh

P: Drew Butler

The growing season

I decided to keep changes to settings at a minimum to produce as accurate a result as possible. I set the difficulty to All-Madden and kept quarter length at 15 minutes. The only major change I made was turning both injuries and fatigue off. We would like our Georgia players within the field as much as possible, and I thought without fatigue substitutions will be unnecessary.

From there, the ruse began.

Weeks 1-8

7 days 1: All-Georgia (0-0) or New York Jets (0-0)

Last: W 27-22

Week two: All-Georgia (1-0) vs . Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1)

Final: Watts 40-37

Week 3: All-Georgia (2-0) vs . Denver Broncos (0-2)

Final: L 10-31

Week 4: All-Georgia (2-1) vs . Miami Dolphins (1-2)

Final: W 13-6

7 days 5: All-Georgia (3-1) or Dallas Cowboys (3-1)

Last: L 18-32

Week six: All-Georgia (3-2) vs . New England Patriots (5-0)

Final: L 17-27

Week 7: All-Georgia (3-3) vs . Cleveland Browns (2-4)

Final: L 28-38

7 days 8: All-Georgia (3-4) or Washington Redskins (5-2)

Last: W 41-38 (OT)


Team All-Georgia got away to a hot start, successful a couple of nail biters from the Jets and the Steelers to start the season, giving Georgia fans everywhere hope. However , the team ran into a train against the Broncos, and an inexperienced right tackle gave up several sacks to former defensive player of the year Von Miller.

The Bulldogs do get things back on the right track with a scrappy win from the Dolphins, however , and expectations remained high. Then, this ran into a more durable section of its schedule, dropping back-to-back games against final year’s No . 1 seeds in the NFC and AFC, respectively.

After getting blown away by the Browns, team All-Georgia was reeling, but a fourth quarter comeback and overtime victory over the Redskins got things back on track. Via eight games, the Bulldogs were very much alive.

Several weeks 9-17

Week 9: L8rs

Week 10: All-Georgia (4-4) vs . New York Giants (1-7)

Last: W 22-16 (OT)

7 days 11: All-Georgia (5-4) or Buffalo Bills (7-2)

Last: L 24-38

Week twelve: All-Georgia (5-5) vs . Baltimore Ravens (6-4)

Final: Watts 37-3

Week 13: All-Georgia (6-5) vs . Philadelphia Eagles (4-7)

Final: L 9-37

Week 14: All-Georgia (6-6) vs . Cleveland Browns (5-7)

Final: L 31-45

7 days 15: All-Georgia (6-7) or Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5)

Last: L 35-56

Week sixteen: All-Georgia (6-8) vs . Harrisburg Texans (7-7)

Final: T 17-31

Week 17: All-Georgia (6-9) vs . Baltimore Ravens (9-6)

Final: W 41-21


After pulling off a good upset overtime win over the actual NFC East leading-Redskins, All-Georgia took the much-needed relax provided by the bye 7 days and came out firing from the Giants in week ten. That win, coupled with the blowout victory over the Ravens, canceled losses to the high-flying Bills and struggling Eagles on the road.

At 6-5, All-Georgia entered the final weeks from the NFL season in simple striking distance of a minimum of an AFC Wild Cards bid madden mobile coins. That’s when the tires fell off the cart. It had been as if Mark Richt obtained in contact with Bengals coach Marvin Lewis to let him understand it was time for the team to begin fading, and the players responded enthusiastically.

Over the last four games, Georgia forced just five total turnovers, as well as Matthew Stafford committed several turnovers in each of all those contests. By the final video game of the season against the Ravens, team All-Georgia’s playoff hopes had already been dashed.


At the beginning of this particular experiment, I truly believed a good NFL team full of Ga players would have a shot in making some noise within the pros, but after a 7-9 record my eyes have finally been truly opened. It doesn’t matter exactly what setting the Bulldogs tend to be put in, they will find a way to be mediocre in the end, and that is exactly what they did. There’s no need to dream about what a team of all Georgia players would do on Sundays. It’s exactly what they’ve always done on Saturdays is make mobile madden coins.

Final Regular Season Statistics:

Record: 7-9

Passing Innovator: Matt Stafford, 4, 166 yds, 33 TDs, twenty one Ints

Rushing Leader: Jake Gurley, 1, 467 yds, 8 TDs

Receiving Innovator: A. J. Green, one, 302, 14 TDs

Deal with Leader: Alec Ogletree, 142 tackles

Sack Leader: Justin Houston, 19 sacks

Interception Leader: Tim Jennings, three Ints