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How You Think About Tom Brady Be NFL 18 Cover

[Oct 19 2017 GMT]

The New England Patriot quarterback appeared on the cover of the best-selling sport Madden NFL 18, which EA News announced on Friday morning in the United States.

The fifth Super Bowl winner will follow his teammate Rob Glengcowski- he was the cover last year. This is also the Madden game for nearly 30 years in the history the first time in two consecutive years, cover characters were from the same team as teammates.

It is very surprising that since Brady entered the league in 2000, Brady had never been on Madden's cover. But in August this year this about 40 years old legendary quarterback became the oldest player in Madden covers.

But everything has a positive side. At least the Falcons fans do not have to worry about that notorious "Madden's curse". Of course, this curse gave the wrongdoer a way out. When Kelvin Johnson became a cover character, he created the NFL history of the 1964 yards catch the bal.

When Brady became the cover, at this moment, nflcoins seem to hear the Patriots fans of the collective sigh. His career has been to maintain the high rate of play Brady in the next season to compare with Madden Curse.

Perhaps Brady is still able to have a good performance. When he won the sixth Super Bowl ring, it will be the time for Madden's curse finally burst. It seems that the 40-year-old uncle showed disapproval for Madden's curse. Brady also added a video on his own Facebook. So we do not have to worry about.

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