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How To Use The Goal Pass in Madden NFL 18

[Oct 27 2017 GMT]

Passing in Madden NFL 18, the target is completely optional, but when you try to pass into the window close area, fade, or in your wide receiver (WR) interrupt before throwing time line), it has great advantage. This article describes how to use the target to pass Madden NFL 18, so you can start running immediately after the game.

Once you have identified the main receiver and shot the ball, please hold the LT (Xbox) or L2 (PS4), and then you can use the left analog stick to move the target. When moving the receiver, the quarterback automatically moves towards the target.
If you are a casual Madden player, you may not need to use a target pass.

It is designed to provide additional challenges and fineness for players who want to move the game to a higher level. Expect a lot of competitive madden players to be used regularly, so if you have any hope of becoming one of the best players, continue reading how to use goal passing.

If you release LT or L2, you will use the neutral target pass, and you can press the corresponding receiver button to throw the ball to the target. In this case, you don't have to switch to the target before throwing, which saves time and increases precision. If you want to completely turn off the target pass, all you have to do is to hit LT or L2 again.

The first thing you need to do when using target delivery is to select your main receiver. Before playing, open the coach camera (RT on the Xbox, R2 on PS4) and select the desired receiver. This will automatically change the main receiver to the selected receiver.

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