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How Much Value Will MADDEN Series Create

[Aug 31 2017 GMT]

    For sports fans, it is so attractive to experience operating their favorite stars or teams in a virtual game and win the thrill of victory, obtain sense of honor in the establishment of the dynasty, and experience all aspects of their favorite sports in the rich game content. MADDEN NFL is such a game for football fans. How much do you know about this game series whose sales are billions of dollars in North America?

    Among the sports game companies, EA is undoubtedly a very influential one. In May, EA announced the company's fourth quarter and full year earnings for the fiscal year 2015, with a total of $ 1.185 billion in EA's fourth quarter and a net profit of 3.95 Billion, and is 7.6% increase compared with that at the same period.

    There is no doubt that the sports game still creates the greatest profits for EA.

    MADDEN NFL series in EA Sports is the oldest and most popular rugby video game. It is popular from the 1980s and is the first to get an updated game every year. With the unshakable influence of the rugby movement in the United States, in more than 110 million copies of sales of the game series so far, North America accounted for more than 95 million, and the cumulative sales are more than 3.7 billion US dollars.

    Like a lot of other EA sports games, whether getting the American football celebrity Madden, or winning the NFL authorization to use names of the real players and teams in 1993, the purposes are to enhance the authenticity of the game. With continuous improvement in the sense of reality in the elements such as players’ action, character setting, the venue, operations and so on, the players have illusion of watching a match when playing the game.

    On August 25, NFL18 will be landing PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE and other platforms. If you want to feel the most realistic football game, Madden 18 is undoubtedly a very good choice. And that how much profit the game can create for the EA this year also worthy of our attention.

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