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How Much Time is 32 Years Old James Peak Period Left

[May 11 2017 GMT]

Paul Pierce, who was officially retired this summer, predicted that LeBron James had a peak of two years. Pierce believes that James can enter the finals every year as long as he stay in the east.


The Cavaliers 8 wins and 0 losses to the Eastern Conference finals in the first two rounds and James is playing a terrible data in this year' s playoffs.Although  already 32 years old, James still maintained a peak state apparently. James has six consecutive years into the finals since 2011, he has no real challenge in the east. After the Raptors swept the Cavaliers in the semifinals this year, Rajon Rondo said no one can narrow the gap.

There is no doubt that Pierce and James is a pair of enemies on the NBA arena, which has also been recognized by James himself. But Rajon Rondo does not agree with Pierce's point of view, he thinks the game is too easy for James. Moreover, you can read more news about NBA 2K18 news on, we also offer you NBA 2K18 MT and the most considerate service.