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Houston rockets 23 wins and 9 negative rebound at home

[Dec 27 2016 GMT]

Harden had 32 points, 12 assists and 5 rebounds, Anderson and Gordon each had 15 points to lead the team in the first half, they quickly built a 26 point lead in their home court to 131-115 victory over the Suns Feinikesi (9 - 22). Rockets to Buy NBA 2K17 MT avoid losing streak.

The Rockets Haddon scored 32 points, 12 assists, 5 rebounds and 7 turnovers, Anderson scored 15 points and 5 rebounds, Gordon scored 15 points and 5 assists, Harel scored 14 points and 3 rebounds, Howard Kerr scored 12 points and 4 rebounds, Beverly scored 11 points, 7 rebounds and 3 steals, Ariza 8 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 steals. The Suns Bledsoe had 24 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals and 5 turnovers, knight had 21 points and 5 rebounds, Booker scored 16 points and 4 assists, Chris scored 12 points and 5 rebounds, Warren had 11 points and 4 rebounds, 11 points bend and 13 rebounds.

After the opening of the two teams played a very stalemate, Harel inside force even get 5 points, two harden is the second attack succeeded, they played 9-2 small climax, the Rockets 21-12 lead with 9 points. Chandler two attack succeeded for the team to stop bleeding, Ariza hit the score of 3 points, the success of the team, they led the team played 15-3 offensive climax, the first quarter there are still 2 minutes and 15 seconds when the Rockets to 36-17 lead. Warren and Booker hit three points, the first section at the end of the Suns to 16 points behind 23-39.

Howard Kerr, even in the 2 three pointers to start the second quarter, the Rockets to expand the advantage. Warren layup, Breuer Glenealy 6 points, this section for 4 minutes when the Rockets 51-27 lead with 24 points. Nate and Barbosa teamed up to 7 points, Beverly hit three points, harden two free throws, 3 minutes and 55 seconds before halftime when the Rockets to a 55-34 lead with 21 points. Booker led the team even after 7 minutes, harden scored 6 points, Gordon also contributed 5 points, they ended the second quarter with a 14-2 run to lead the team, the Rockets to a 69-43 lead into halftime 26 points.

The Rockets in the first half Harden had 15 points and 5 assists, Anderson scored 10 points, Ariza had 5 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists; Bledsoe Suns scored 10 points, Nate and Chris each had 7 points.

Beverly, harden and Haley Ergede 3 points, the Rockets began the third quarter with a 9-4 run, they lead to 31 points. The Suns suspended after Bledsoe hit three points, harden staying on the offensive, he scored 8 points to help the team to continue to NBA 2K17 MT expand the advantage. Bledsoe scored 5 points to lead the team to play back wave 9-3, rockets keep feeling, Anderson again three points, harden two free throws, third section there are 3 minutes and 35 seconds when the Rockets to a 99-68 lead with 31 points. Aaron and bender teamed up with 6 points, DS Kerr lob dunk, harden three free throws in the three quarter at the end of the Rockets 107-80 lead with 27 points.