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Houston Texans Signed with Devon Still

[Jan 07 2016 GMT]

According to, where you can buy Cheap NFL Coins, Houston Texans recently has signed with Devon Still and the contract will begin next season. On Wednesday afternoon of US time, Still published a tweet, saying that he had received a new contract.

Because his 5-year-old daughter suffered from cancer, Still became known to the outside world when he was at the Cincinnati Bengals. Then he didn’t appear in the field any longer after being laid off by Bengals in September 2014.

Nflcoins heard that Still's No. 75 Bengals jersey completed a one million dollars sales record at that time. And all the money was used as donations to local Cincinnati Children's Medical Center for Cancer Research. In the summer of 2015, Devon Leah successfully defeated cancer and discharged. Congratulations to Leah! Congratulations to Still!