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Heavy! Rockets Clippers trade Paul Harden teamed

[Jul 03 2017 GMT]

Rocket officials in the official announcement and the Clippers completed a large number of transactions, the Rockets won the All-Star guard Chris Paul, Piper, Louis - Williams, De Keller, Harrell and other seven players and 2018 A draft (the top three protection) and part of the cash, the swing event also shocked the "NBA 2K18" official to promote the rapid introduction of Paul and Harden joint photo.

Paul joins Harden, which means that when Paul and Harden take a break, another person can play this role. In other words, the audience 48 minutes, the Rockets at any time on the pitch at least leave the league's top point guard, which is the fear of the Houston team. Fans do not have to worry about the coexistence of the scene. Before the deal, Harden and Paul had discussed the possibility of cooperation and reached a consensus. So, we might hope that "NBA 2K18" together expect two super stars to co-produce chemical reaction sticks.

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