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Guangdong signing NBA all star inside

[Aug 03 2016 GMT]

Guangdong has formally sign with carlos boozer. And had been signed with the team's Sloan, guangdong foreign aid introduction of the new season has been completed. Like watching NBA fans to boozer this name will not be strange, when yao Ming in the rockets, who were defeated by the jazz boozer for many times, as a result, Chinese fans like call carlos boozer "yao" Nemesis. Actually last season CBA team would like to invite carlos boozer to join, but too high a price of carlos boozer, scares the CBA.Last year, carlos boozer are no games to play.

Carlos boozer was born on November 20, 1981, in the 2002 NBA draft, carlos boozer to the sequence of the second round of total 34 drafted by the Cleveland cavaliers. Carlos boozer played a total of 861 NBA games, averaging can contribute 16.2 points and 9.8 rebounds. In July 2004, carlos boozer and the jazz was 68 million contract signed 6, July 7, 2010, carlos boozer as a free agent signed with the Chicago bulls, a five-year, $80 million contract. Carlos boozer had on behalf of the American dream team participated in the Athens and Beijing Olympic Games, twice named NBA all-star team.

Guangdong travel to buy 2k16 MT Coins the United States this year specially trained for two months, during that time, Du Feng close to New York to meet with carlos boozer, and watch his training. Now, both sides signed also proved that the veteran carlos boozer state is good, the guangdong recognition.