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Goldofu Unlocks Difficult Pitchers of NBA 2K18

[Oct 27 2017 GMT]

Pitchers are indispensable on the basketball court. Players who like basketball games so much must have the same experience. Then in this game how to get pitchers? Recently, many players have said that pitchers is hard to get. It is difficult for pitchers to score high score in the game, which most players should be very experienced.

Generally in the absence of the game, most of the players are concentrated in the team's training camp desperately training, or to brush a better team. Of course, to set up the team is more costly, especially a team with high winning rate.

According to the difficulty of training, you must pay more to get difficult pitcher naturally, but the difficulty of the pitcher's winning percentage is also very powerful. We should know that in the game a pitcher rate determines the outcome of the game. The difficulty of pitcher accuracy training is to rely on the bottom of the player to cover and other players to cooperate with each other in order to get the best results.

After players have tacit understanding, you need to pay attention to the dribble before the ball. Many novice players in the pitch did not pay attention to the position directly.

In fact, dribble posture is also very important. This rhythm dribble of this feature can help pitchers to speed up the attack. It can also be better to accelerate the ball into the basket. It will avoid mistakes.

There are a lot of stars favorite dribbling combinations like cross combinations and crotch. Behind the combination pitchers can use the tricks of action and this is also beneficial to their own faster to master the technical class.

Pitchers are generally first to avoid the first circle and then receive the ball in the hands of players, and then sprint to avoid the opponent infinitely close to the basket where the shooting. If you do not want to take off, the distance will not be layup.

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