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Golden State Warriors Made a Record

[Apr 26 2017 GMT]

The playoffs continue, Golden State Warriors away 128-103 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, which is their eighth playoff single game won at least 25 points since 2014, which also is the most nearly three years in NBA.

After the 25 points winning the Trail Blazers, the Warriors has 8 times in the playoff single game to win at least 52 points since 2014, which is the most in the league at this stage. Nearly three years of the playoffs the Spurs won 7 times 25 + score gap and came in second; the Cavaliers won 6 times; Thunders, the Heat and the Clippers won three times.

The second game of this series, the Warriors 29 points victory over the Blazers, made 25 points victory. It also created another history, the Warriors became the first in the history of the playoffs in the single season, the series twice win the Blazers at least 25 points of the team.

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