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Goal Data Messi PK Ronaldo

[May 23 2017 GMT]

Ronaldo and Messi continue to compete for the best player in the world. Their trophies are increasing year after year. But who scored more, let' s compare it.

Ronaldo get the European Super Cup, World Club Cup and La Liga champion this season, he also had the opportunity to win the Champions League trophy. Messi get the Spanish Super Cup this season, there are opportunities for the King Cup. In the number of trophies, Messi has got 31 trophies, and  Ronaldo is 23.

Occupation career, Ronaldo has made 528 balls in the club, Messi is 505 balls. Messi and Ronaldo are the top scorers of their respective national teams. Real Madrid star in the Portuguese national team scored 71 goals, while Messi in the Argentine national team has 58 goals. Ronaldo in Portugal to get the European Cup champion, Messi in Argentina to get the World Youth Championship and the Olympic champion.

In the personal awards, Ronaldo got four Golden Globes, Messi 5 ; European Golden Boot, both get 4; La Liga top scorer trophy, Ronaldo 3, Messi 4, but Ronaldo also has a Premier League top scorer.

Messi and Ronaldo have broken most of the history of football history, no doubt, this is two full of legendary players. More information is on where you can buy Cheap FIFA 18 Coins.