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Getting Familiar With Franchise Mode in Madden 18

[Oct 17 2017 GMT]

Franchise mode is unfamiliar to most players in the game. But, finding someone who is the expert in this mode can be something difficult. For ordinary players, there is still a long road for them to get great franchise skills. Here are top 3 skills provided by some best Madden 18 players.   


First, upgrade attributes. There is a list for those whose attributes have the potential to be upgraded after every competition. Thus, players can keep up on tracing their performance timely. Sometimes, the game will recommend players to upgrade their attributes based on performance in the game, but, it’s just a kind of kindness, players can make different choice. Usually, players with minimum attributes are very likely to be upgraded by the game automatically.


Second, set a goal. A weekly goal has been set in order to encourage players to play their best. Players could gain experience points by completing challenges in the game, those experience points can be used to buy desired things in the game when players have got enough of them. A weekly goal can be seen easily by clicking any your wanted players in team menu, then just roll down to browse weekly goals. Except for those general weekly goals, seasonal goal and milestone goals are also available for players; they can set both of them throughout the seasonal game.


Third, enter into a contract. As time goes by, the contracts between team executive and players has expired. If a player is the founder of the team and also a part of the team, he can quote a reasonable price, the main controversy between he and his players is the deadline and bonus. However, he can delay the negotiate time till off season if one player who isn’t an important person in his team, or who is a newbie to the game. For a chief executive of a team, it’s not a wise thing to sign a player quickly without knowing his exactly, no one want to suffer a big loss in the future.


How do you think of above skills? We do hope they can give you a little help, no matter you are a newbie or veteran. upgrades Madden 18 news every day, and cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins is also available, don’t hesitate to visit