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Gerrard repeatedly return errors

[Nov 25 2016 GMT]

Gerrard officially announced his retirement, bid farewell to the pitch beloved, he was the Liverpool team spirit, is the spokesman for Enfield, but Gerrard's Liverpool career, the legend is a tragic hero, his attention back to Liverpool for many years, pay a lot of Fifa Coins painful price, media and even organized return highlights, Gerrard even so and he is still subject to the Liverpool fans love, forever is the God of Enfield!

In May 25, 2005, the Turkey local time in Istanbul, 04/05 season in the Champions League final, the Liverpool VS AC in Milan, Gerrard led Liverpool to turn the tide, Istanbul staged a miracle, won the Champions League reverse.

The history of Gerrard's return from talking about the 2004 European Cup, England in the group phase game against France, Zidane scored two goals to help the Gallic rooster comeback. It is worth mentioning that, at the end of the game is Gerrard in the closing down of other players rushed back, Henry was eventually in the manufacture of a penalty. In fact, this is just the beginning of the Liverpool occupation career focus back to the core.

The 2005-06 Premier League season, the twenty-ninth round in Liverpool against Arsenal, Gerrard back pass by Henry steals, unfortunately was Reina off after Henry was only visual.

2009-10 season, the Premier League title that has entered the white hot stage, the key battle of Liverpool against Chelsea, Gerrard in the final moments of return assists Drogba scored, so the blues out rivals Manchester United, which won the title.

2013-14 season, the Liverpool team's title was very good momentum, but the surprise is that in Liverpool's game against Chelsea, Gerrard repeated the mistake, his back pass by Ba steals, then Chelsea striker yijizhiming, Liverpool to end the streak, the ultimate champion submissively. Wanna see more details? Maybe you should look at our website