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Funny Comments on Raiders Guard Gabe Jackson's singing in the Darkness

[Jul 06 2017 GMT]

Just a few more weeks before NFL training camps begin and players are spending their downtime in interesting ways. Some are having fun in the sun, while others are shooting music videos. Raiders guard Gabe Jackson is busy singing in the darkness.

The following are three interesting comments on the darkness signing.

Ÿ   No, this isn’t a trailer for a new horror film where the ghost of an American Idol contestant comes back to haunt a small town. This is Jackson performing Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” in a dark room.

Ÿ   Jackson’s teammate Derek Carr took notice and weighed in: I can’t wait for camp.

Ÿ   Ironically, the lyrics seem very applicable to the lives of Oakland Raiders fans these days. A couple more seasons and their team will be off to Las Vegas. In the meantime, they’ll get to enjoy the play and voice.

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