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Former NBA star Ben Gordon to return to the NBA

[Aug 17 2016 GMT]

Former NBA star Ben Gordon has left the NBA, he is now playing in England, but Gordon said that he hopes to return to the NBA. Ben Gordon is no show the first round in 2004, during the period of the Chicago bulls, Gordon's performance is good also, the 2006-07 season, he averaged 21.4 points and 3.1 rebounds 3.1 assists, 0.8 steals, shooting 45.5% and 41.3% from three, is a striker. But he then after team, including the Detroit pistons, the charlotte bobcats, the Orlando magic, etc.

During training camp last season, he has also appeared in the golden state warriors, but he did not attend last season's regular season.Finally, he went to England to play. Gordon, said he hopes to have a different experience in his career, just right now he is not the team, so he went to England to play () he was born in London, this is also what he expected.

Gordon has said he is willing to return to the NBA: "of course, of course I want to return to the NBA. Now three is a big deal, now more than at any time of the 3-pointer. But I think my ability of shooting remains at a high level, I can throw three points, can increase the depth of the team. I absolutely want to return to the NBA."He has twice 9 nine three-point shots in the game.

"My body is very good, I haven't played for a season, but I'm sticking to it training, my three points is still very stable, I am still a good shooter," Gordon said, "this is still a important part of the NBA 2k17 MT game."