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Fans should be more Considerate

[Nov 25 2015 GMT]

Nflcoins heard that after Philadelphia Eagles was defeated by Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Sunday, players of Eagles got only boos and laughter at home. How upset it was! Lane Johnson also expressed his helplessness. Maybe the fans were really angry and they were just concerned about the team. But they need to know that the players also want to win.

During the whole game, Eagles' defense group was ground advanced with 283 yards by the Buccaneers. And their quarterback Mark Sanchez was stealt three times. So the final result was that they completely lost the game by 17 to 45. Although the players' performance wasn't so satisfactory, as long as they tried their best and never gave up, they shoulad be given necessary respect.

We just hopes we ourselves can be a rational and considerate fan. After all the NFL players are trying their best to play at great risk of concussion. They are eligible for applause from all fans regardless of his ability or state. Stay tuned at our site for more latest news and Cheap NFL coins.