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Fans of Dortmund are so angry

[Apr 30 2016 GMT]

Dortmund has announced officially that the captain Hummels wants to transfer to Bayern. The news makes the fans of Dortmund so angry. Hummels instagram account is spammed by angry fans, according to the latest FIFA news from

In Hummels recent ins state are full of various language message. For Hummels' behavior, fans can't give up, to memory, more is fans' raing and abuse, some even can't understand why Hummels chooses to leave, after all he has made great progress in Dortmund. It's reported that Dortmund asks the price of 38 million euros for Hummels. What we wants to say is that so far it's not sure whether Hummels will join Bayern successfully. We call on all the fans to calm down. It is unusal for Dortmund to announce the news before everthing is ok. Dortmund has its own plan.

To wait and see is what we can do now. By the way, if you need cheaper and faster FIFA Coins, feel free to contact us. We are always waiting for you.