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FIFA 18 Passing and Possession Skills

[Nov 13 2017 GMT]

Use these FIFA 18 passing and possession tricks to help you keep the ball higher and become a bigger threater in the surrounding opposition box. Understand all the different types of passing so that you can perform on the new game.

When to use a driving pass
You can use a pass if you play 15-20 yards, especially if you combine our first touch skills with our FIFA 18 game guide. When you execute your pass, you just hold down R2/RT. The driver's pass can be used to pull the ball and push the ball into players who may not have enough space to receive the ball.

Short passing tips
It looks like we played very short in midfield and the ball was clear. This will prevent the opposition from closing the space and making you make mistakes. Look for game patterns that will hurt your opponent (for example, the zigzag pass will also be mentioned in the attack techniques section of our FIFA 18 gameplay guide)

One-two passing
Use the L1 / LB button to move your player forward to play a secondary wall when passing the ball. Don't use the players you've played, because it will become obvious and easy to intercept. Don't rush the ball and wait for the perfect moment to get the ball back to the runner.

Using these FIFA 18 passes and tricks to really help you improve your game. If you want to get a deeper game tips, so in our FIFA 18 in the guide can see more details, the guide covers not only the FIFA 18 passing and have skills, also includes more than 600 pages, charts and tutorial, let you become a master.

Which of the above techniques can best help you play FIFA 18? Do you have your own tips? Let know the comments where you can buy FIFA coins, NBA 2K MT, RS Gold, Madden 18 COINS and so on.