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FIFA 16 sold players new directives controlling

[Aug 20 2015 GMT]

Although the game's developer and publisher EA did not confirm "FIFA 16" release date, but the media called "FIFA Game News" has announced the sale of very detailed information, allegedly, the game will be landing in North America in September 22 24th landed outside Australia, Europe, South America, Brazil, 25 in Britain, October 8 will enter the retail market in Japan and Brazil.

In addition, we also cheapest Fifa 16 Coins learned that the game will join the new player commands, allowing the player to control more aspects of the player's behavior. The new directive is aimed at "intercepting a pass", the player can be set to positive and negative general three states that, if positive, even though players will courageously cut the ball, but it will also bring some risks, If set to negative, then the players will take a more conservative approach.

EA practice is on sale in September of each year a "FIFA" game, so high reliability of the leaked release date, more information please pay attention to the E3 Expo in June, is said that the "FIFA 16" yet story Mode will join it, so stay tuned.