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FIFA 16 New Features Introduction Analysis

[Aug 10 2015 GMT]

EA Sports today for Fifa 16 Coins its highly anticipated football games of "FIFA 16" released a new trailer, introduced this new work in defense, midfield and attack gameplay improvements. EA Sports football game today for its latest masterpiece "FIFA 16" released a new trailer.

This shows the popular new series in the game has made what changes, allowing the player to have a more balanced gaming experience on defense, midfield and attack. "FIFA 16" so that you can confidently intercept the other players, 'the defense will have greater freedom, which depend on the whole team defense as a whole. Your defense is able to perceive threatening run.

Establish a balance between attack and defense. There is no doubt midfield role, in "FIFA 16", the midfielder is particularly important. They patiently defend this important area, the defense or the fast break attack. It will create more surprising moments. In "FIFA 16", the players will have to create a stunning collapse by the defense time and virtuosity.

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