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FIFA 16 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Theme

[Aug 28 2015 GMT]

EA officially announced the "FIFA 16" will become a co-product of Real Madrid's official game, Real Madrid also announced a number of big players screen. EA praise Real Madrid for the world's most popular club, also fit the "FIFA" game works.

"FIFA" series will expand close cooperation with Real Madrid, including the most realistic modeling of players and the Bernabeu stadium and other cooperation. Real Madrid will be scanned EA's most popular 14 players, such as C Ronaldo, Ramos, Rodriguez, Modric, Benzema. "FIFA 16" pre-sale on September 22, landing Xbox360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC platform, will release Android and iOS version.

In addition to a good football game of offensive and defensive players wonderful organization, football venues to create a competitive atmosphere is also very important, and "FIFA 16" It is the combination of the two successful model, EA in "FIFA 16" in investment available space staggering number of 78, the concept of which 28 venues, 50 authorized court.

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