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Exposure of "NBA 2K18" First Official Game Screenshots

[Jul 26 2017 GMT]

    With the release date gradually approaching, "NBA 2K18" first official game screenshots are exposed. For more information, visit where cheap NBA 2K18 MT is available.

    The 2K side showed us Paul George who had just been traded to the Thunder team, the Raptors De Mar de Rozan and the Celtics small Isaiah Thomas.

    The stars in the new game are very stunning to see their own images. Especially De Mar de Rozan, is specifically forwarded to promote his own inner feelings.

    DeRozan is a scorer in the distance jumper. Last season, DeRuozan averaged 20.9 times, while the same data Harden was only 18.9 times. As the ideal team master, besides the open vision and organizational skills, to score outside the arc is also a basic ability.

    It is worth mentioning that in the new season, everyone will change to wear the shirt with Nike endorsement. So the shadow of Nike will be seen very easily in the "NBA 2K18" first official game screenshots. After the announcement of the screen, the players are still looking forward to the performance of the new game.