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Exposed Poster of FIFA 18 Ultimate Cover

[Aug 25 2017 GMT]

    "FIFA 18" is a football sports game produced and released by the EA, and is the latest sequel of the popular series "FIFA" series. The game will introduce "legendary star" as a multi-platform sign. According to EA, signs will be launched in all platforms, and the first Brazilian legend star will be Ronaldo. More FUT final team signs will be launched this summer.

    As the major football league officially kicked off, the annual match between the football games starts with the releasing of "FIFA" and "PES". The current social media has exposed "FIFA 18" Ultimate cover, and there is no doubt that Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo deserved.

    It is long arranged that the cover character of "FIFA 18" is Cristiano Ronaldo, but a final poster has not been given. With the approaching of the releasing date of the game, the media finally could not help but exposed the final cover of "FIFA 18 ". "FIFA 18" will use the roar of Cristiano Ronaldo as its cover.

    EA Cologne Fair officially began, and the first broadcast of the trailer is "FIFA 18" which is a sports game to be on sale, showing the graceful bearing of Ronaldo.

    "FIFA 18" supports Simplified Chinese, and is produced by using the frostbite 3 engine, landing PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

    FIFA 18 "is the latest work in the series of football games developed by EA Sports. As an annual football masterpiece, "FIFA 18" inherited the basic technology and core content, adding more clubs and players, and had better optimization in the details, and there will be more innovative elements to ensure freshness of the game.

    With the exposure of "FIFA 18" cover, now "live football 2018" is also actively promoting for participation of David Beckham, after all, such a big former football star has attracted the attention of countless players.

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