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Exchange Skateboard With XP In NBA 2K18

[Oct 09 2017 GMT]
A new update for NBA 2K18 is getting skateboard by gaining XP. Many gamers like this new change, and they are looking forward to try it. Before starting the game, we give you some guides on how to earn more XP simply and easily.
Playing with partners is always better than playing alone. If you want to complete challenges by yourself, it’s more likely that you will end the game in an early time, thus, you have to buy more coins to continue it. If you are in a team, just try to use as many badges as possible. The more badges you use, the more XP you will gain. With enough Xp. You could exchange for skateboard. Meanwhile, your builds abilities will be improved greatly. In general, Shooting 3's is the best way to get more XP.
Normally, we all strive to find a fast way to get XP. However, fast way is not available to every gamer, besides, it’s also time-consuming. Thus, spending more time on the game is the most stable and effective method. Of course, you could use your leisure time to find fast way. Skateboard and other cool stuff are always waiting for you as long as you put enough effort.
4-7 is said to be the optimum time to get good XP based on a thousand experiences. At this particular time, you will play the role as a kid, who just finishes his school and is eager to play game for relax. It’s possible that a kid just be the boss of the game. If you are lucky enough, you may be the boss and control the game. Generally, there are so many other gamers like you, so it’s not surprising you will encounter lots of them. But, night is usually not a best time if you are a Newbie, since a large amount of top gamers will join the game. No matter how many badges you use, they will kick you out of the game. Thus, you do never spend longer time getting less XP.
How do you think about the above tips? If you have some better ideas, you could contact us by Email:, you are always welcome. By the way, Fast NBA 2K18 Coins is for sale at