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Equipment Evolution System and Evolution Process

[Aug 26 2017 GMT]

    Equipment evolution system that retains the magic stone and the god stone, improving the property:
    In the large offensive version, equipment evolution system that enhances the property of the equipment is added.
    When the equipment and materials that are able to be evolved are given to the equipment evolutionist NPC, you can reinforce the original equipment, but keep the magic stone and the god stone.
    Equipment evolution method:
    When the equipment to be evolved and materials that are needed for evolution are given to the equipment evolutionist NPC, you can carry out equipment evolution.
    The basis of equipment evolution:
 Part of the equipment can be evolved.
 To achieve a certain degree of evolvement if you want to evolve equipment. (Different equipment need different evolving conditions)
 To collect the necessary materials to the equipment evolutionist
 To have equipment evolutionist in the various ethnic groups
    Keep the settings when the equipment is being evolved:
    After the equipment is evolved, most of the properties such as the original equipment basic magic stone, god stone, and weapons synthesis will be retained.
    The equipment that can be evolved:
    Not all equipment can be evolved, part of the weapons and armor that are above a certain stage can be evolved.
    Evolution related information can be confirmed in the equipment properties.
    The materials required for each equipment evolution are different.
    Evolutionary material - copy equipment:
    When the copy equipment is being evolved, the main material and copy equipment spirit stone are required.
    Evolution material - OBS equipment:
    During evolution of OBS equipment, meritorious medals, OBS points, as well as OBS equipment spirit stone are needed.
    Meritorious medals / OBS Points:
    OBS equipment evolutionist needs meritorious medals and OBS points.
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