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Emei game features Unlimited rivers and lakes

[Aug 17 2015 GMT]

Emei drug patients can develop a variety of drugs, giving detoxification, healing, even a temporary change in personality talent, people can maximize the power of some kind of martial arts within a certain time, to win key victory in battle. The magic of makeup: makeup can improve the person's appearance, people can access some of the special places looks limited. When beauty contest held on rivers and lakes, the makeup is an essential skill.

Top makeup can completely change a person's appearance, the so-called "turning." Could be turned into another person's appearance, it may become a piece of furniture, a plant, in order to escape the heavily guarded defense, quietly sneaked into ordinary hard to reach areas. Exquisite textiles, sewing technique: learn textile and sewing technique to make unique custom clothing.

Emei dodge "fleeting shadow according to" jump height is the highest in the whole political arena dodge some walls of the compound, a precipice, everyone can only Despair, Emei disciple can easily jump over, Rulvpingdi. This door can also greatly increase the agility fighting chance of escape, so Emei disciples quickly fled the fighting to get out.

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