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Elyos and turns into Asmodian items is introduced

[Feb 02 2016 GMT]

1. Elyos

Wolf: can be purchased at the grocer Wolf change items using (Ranger, Assassin special items). Movement speed faster.

Bird: doing task level 20 mass "crush revolution plot" be NPC turned into a bird, after completing a task can't become a bird.

2. Asmodian

Leopard: can be used at the grocer to buy leopard change items (Ranger, Assassin special items). Movement speed faster.

Corn: 12 level task "picking up corn scouter after maize transformation items.

Dragon: 18 level task "dragon souls" after get (once if the failure is unavailable).

17 Lycan clan mage: doing tasks "investigation" black claw when the NPC into Lycan mage.

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