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Eight Ways to Make Money in Aion Game

[Aug 07 2015 GMT]

In fact, I really want to say, write out Cheap Aion Kinah every day I do not have to Buy Aion Gold go over these contents, just some of the ways it. For example, buying the base material, the original shape when I do lose the seventy-eight changing the base number 88 to buy, and often fights passing dragging friend forced me to buy one by one, to do when the iron wall of water next 83 each teammates to help buy water, or I strike without blood ......

I only used the halls of knowledge played DPS number S, or the whole package does not pick up, pick up my brother like a professional package (new law enforcement), he felt happy. As for the half-price store goods, every time I have no idea of ??action, no less reluctant to spend money given courage! Collect only what they want to deal too expensive, or out of stock, will be in the spare time for a reluctance to adopt . Fortress I basically do not, unless the friend shouted for help, or do they often send me to get out of the box.

Worthwhile and I care about, LZ this day to spend much time on it and so on. I will now spend a few hours short of money to rub thugs earn money with the boss, in peacetime or random play, fortress and collecting boxes every day. The method is a method, choose what to do is your own thing.