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Eddie Royal Was Fired by Chicago Bears

[May 16 2017 GMT]

The Chicago Bears dismissed the most experienced player in offensive group. More information is on where you can buy Madden Mobile Coins.

The Bears dismissed the veteran wide receiver Eddie Royal, who played two seasons for them. His salary in 2017 reached 5 million US dollars, and now the Bears fired him will not lose salary cap space. Nflcoins reported that Royal was still plagued by toe injury, even though he recovered well and was not ready for the games.

Bears in the offseason has reinforced wide receiver position, so the expensive Royal is no longer needed to the rebuilt Bears. Royal in the Bears played 18 games and completed 70 catching and 607 yards in the two seasons. Bears hope to sign Kendall Wright, Markus Wheaton and Rueben Randle to fill Royal's position.