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Eddie Lacy Looks Slimmer

[Mar 03 2016 GMT]

Eddie Lacy decides to lose weight for keeping a good figure during this offseason period. It seems he has gained some results, according to the latest NFL news from, the most professional site where you can buy cheap and fast NFL coins.

Tony Horton, the boss of one fitness organization is currently providing Lacy slimming service, helping him return to the original figure. Lacy on his facebook releases a photo. Although it is difficult to figure out exactly how much weight he has lost from the picture, it is not difficult to see that the overall shape of his becomes a profile. However, due to his previous terrible weight, he still has a long way to go.

The Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy a few weeks ago said Eddie's weight loss has remarkable achievements. He hopes this guy could loss weight in this offseason, to give training camp of new season a surprise. We also sincerely wish his dream comes true.