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Earn Credits With PvP

[Dec 21 2016 GMT]

SWTOR has a cool PvP system and nevertheless its rewarding. Your goal as a PvPer is to build your ranking system, obtain higher level gear and of course smash your opponents faces with ease. Upon exiting the Warzone, you earn rank points, PvP currency and credits. But you already know that, right?

I can tell you that these credits will suffice for your PvP needs, meaning upgrading your gear and customise it to your needs. But if you are still reading this post, then you are not here for just being suffice. One trick I found while building my valor rank, was that I could camp a chest in Ilum or any other high level place, preferably at 50 and loot it every time I was exiting the warzone. Now the cool thing about it, the average match lasts 15 minutes and the respawn timer of the chest is just 10 minutes!

Yes you heard right. Every time you end your PvP battle, there will be a chest waiting for your with 4-5k credits and usually a green item in it. Although this won't make you a millionaire in a second and it's kinda 'labour' work as a I like to call, it's a good start for making some decent cash while PvPing. Don't forget you need a Capital before you can move to heavier investments.

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