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EA announced global version FIFA 16 cover art

[Aug 12 2015 GMT]

Compared to the "FIFA 16" the global version of the cover, it is estimated States are most concerned about the fans and the players or regional version of "FIFA 16" on the cover, after all, still have a regional version of the national league players, while the global version of "FIFA 16" Messi is selected again. Even so, when EA recently announced the "FIFA 16" when the global version of the cover, it is Fifa 16 Coins for PC estimated there will still be a lot of fans and players want to find out.

The Argentine striker team in the just-concluded season ho to take the Triple Crown, personal data is quite beautiful, this time the cover is absolutely deserved. Although the mid-Macy will inevitably make some players feel tired, but talk about the past performance of the season, then, who can shake the dominance of Macy it?

In addition to the global version of EA also for the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Latin America and Mexico launched a regional version of "FIFA 16", these areas cover of another version of the game will be on July 10 formally announced.

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