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Dwyane Wade Stirs Audience's Curiosity in NBA 2K18

[Sep 28 2017 GMT]

An Unexpected news to all NBA 2K18 players, that is, Dwyane Wade will become one of the partners LeBron James in the near futures. The audience was buzzing when the news spread through big streets and small alleys, and they asked for official declaration, the result is that the rumors is right. 

For crowd, they are looking forward to seeing their performance in the next match. It’s not a secret that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are best friends in private, so people doubt whether they can cooperate well in the game like their friendship or not. It’s confirmed that Dwyane Wade will leave for Cleveland to negotiate contract with LeBron James. He told news media that he is excited and nervous at this cooperation. Although so far there is still no official draft of the contract, he is optimistic about everything.

We are eager to see which number Dwyane Wade will choose for after the official press conference, like Isaiah Thomas marked the No. 3, which is Wade’s favorite number and why he chooses it. For some people, it’s such a boring question, but for some, it’s funny and interesting.

Just like seeing his face in a Bulls jersey after so many years of service in Miami, It’s also very strange to see Wade’s face on a Cavs jersey, we wonder why. Maybe 2K Sports wants to benefit from him, fans are always glad to buy any jerseys with Wade’s face on it. And the NBA 2K18 also did wise action by linking Wade to numbers, since no one which number jerseys wear. Now, we have already seen the design sketch from No.6 to NO.2, the first number was the one LeBron had wore in Miami, and the last was the Kyrie Irving’s former number. Anyway, it’s Dwyane Wade who decides which number he will wear, no matter which one he will choose, we will give him best wishes.

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