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Dwyane Wade Still Has Strong Appeal

[Aug 26 2016 GMT]

According to 2kvc news, this summer Dwyane Wade left the Miami Heat and joined Chicago Bulls. As a 34-year-old veteran, although Wade has entered the end of his career, his appeal in the market remains strong.

This summer, as the Miami Heat and Wade had obvious differences in the new contract, Wade left Miami and refused Denver Nuggets' high-paying contract. He and the Bulls reached a two-year contract which is 47.5 million dollars, in which the second year is player option.

Since 2003 entered the NBA and joined the Heat, he has played 13 seasons for the team. And he averaging got 23.7 points, 4.8 rebounds and 5.8 assists. It is sad that Wade never got the team's highest salary. After joining the Bulls, Wade will form the Big Three with Rondo and Butler, so the new season's Bulls still worth the wait.

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