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Dustwither Catacombs in Celtic Heroes

[Jun 19 2017 GMT]

Dear players, you must have played Celtic Heroes for a long time. But you have learnt everything in it? Today ,we want to introduce Dustwither Catacombs to you.

It can be considered as an extent to Lir's Reach because it includes monsters from level 21 to 50. Therefore it is a good place for players who are level 20 or above.

The Catacombs have three bosses who sometimes drop an upgraded version of Redclaw, Silverleaf, Sorcerous, Darkrun and Highroad armour, which are very popular among low and medium-level players; they might also drop valuable gems, used in the Meteoric weapon quest.

Dustwither has bosses such as Avatar Of Donn, Disciple Kiara, Disciple Ducarius. More information is on where you can buy cheap Celtic Heroes Gold.