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Durant May Break the Record of Jordan

[Nov 04 2016 GMT]

NBA regular season continues, the Warriors challenged Thunder at home. Westbrook and Durant's showdown was undoubtedly the biggest surprise in this game. Durant got 39 points without mercy. He scored again 20 +, and his 20 + scoring continuous record was to 69 in regular season, ranking second in history.

We put aside the issue of Westbrook and Durant's duel, we have to marvel Durant's excellent scoring ability. Since the new season, he averaging got 57.4% hit rate and 28.5 points, and he kept this horrible scoring ability as always.

In NBA history, the regular season score of 20 + consecutive record is kept by Jordan. He get 20+ in 72 continuous games. Durant from this only has a difference of three games. The next four games the Warriors will face the Lakers, Pelican, Mavericks and Denver. Durant may break Jordan's record.

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