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Duce Staley May Become Coach of Philadelphia Eagles

[Jan 04 2016 GMT]

As Philadelphia Eagles sack the head coach Chip Kelly, they need to find a new coach. The club are likely to appoint their running backs coach Duce Staley to replace Kelly.

As the owner Jeffrey Lurie wants to hire a coach who can not only have good relationship with players but also have good abilities to control the locker room, Staley becomes a good candidate for him because Staley knows the Eagles very well. He played for the Eagles for seven seasons during 1997-2003. Besides, he is a member of coaching staff in the Eagles since 2011.

If he can become the new head coach, Staley can stimulate the potential of DeMarco Murray because he is very familiar with the running back. Besides, he can improve the existing methods of ground offensive. In the end, if you want to read more related information, please stay tuned on where you can find the cheapest NFL Coins.