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Dragon and m zhu wen temple

[Aug 18 2015 GMT]

M wen zhu temple located in the upper right area of the bell trent (interference) don't be the player's coordinates, rhea, Atlantis is the earliest temple built in the eternal tower. Through the m wen zhu gorge, can see zhu m temperature residual the ruins of the temple. In m zhu wen canyon nearby, there is a altai mia mountains. In altai mia mountains, there are many of the floating in the "mysterious stone" on the ground. This "mysterious stone" also known as "god tablet", because people are surprised so heavy stone was floating in the sky, regarded as a miracle.

Dragon is the earliest creatures created by the tower of eternity. Their self-awareness, stimulate their potential, and wants to be beyond the tower of eternity. When the growing desire of power, began to challenge the authority of god all over the world into a strong sense of uneasiness. However human never stop on the dragon rule of resistance, and stick to your own beliefs and culture, continued to worship the tower of eternity.

M wen zhu temple was the last to have on the house of god. After other temples are destroyed, however, the second Long Dimei, teda stand in the temple before the last one, do not seem to be merely content with the destroy of buildings. As the years went by, zhu wen temple gradually disappeared from people's memory. While the dragon has been driven into the ward, but m wen zhu temple is still in the bottom deep sleep.

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