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Dnion booster NBA Finals live video

[Jun 23 2016 GMT]

Knight is the champion! All those who NBA 2k16 Coins love basketball, should be glad that they witnessed an epic NBA Finals. According to statistics, during the finals, the average daily volume of users Tencent sports videos, live concurrent users reached the million level, in the case of tens of millions of fans watching the game at the same time, Dnion CDN acceleration service effectively ensure the smooth game live , well done live accelerate tasks.

The final whistle, James hugging Carrefour, cried. He finally brought the first NBA championship trophy to his hometown from! 1: 3-3: 3, God of War level performance with James and Owen's excellent play, in fact, in the tie-break battle to 89-93 away win Warriors, with a total score of 4-3 to win the championship.

James won FMVP, this is the third time in his career harvest the award, becoming the Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Tim Duncan and Johnson, fifth place at least three times in the finals won FMVP players. Throughout James's performance, but also deserved. After Knight in three victories, respectively, James got 41 points, 41 points and three pairs.

Fourth battle, James took over the game, the team got in this section of the first 14 points in 12 points and James related. Pointer with 1 minute 50 seconds the two teams draw, Andre Iguodala fast-break layup, only the rest of the game 1 minute 11 seconds, James quickly back on defense, sent nail plate large cap.

Owen shot after key three, the Warriors only one-third chance of the glass slide. Last minute, James basket immediate concern was Green foul, he slammed on the floor, struggling nearly a minute. He got up and completed the free throw, the game for the Cavaliers got the final point, kill the game.

When the final whistle sounded, the Knights complete history of NBA 2k16 MT Points the NBA Finals for the first time 3-1 reversal. James knelt on the floor and cried, for 13 years, he finally fulfilled a promise to bring a championship to Cleveland. Return of the King James, Cleveland became the hero.