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Discussion Post about Madden NFL 17 XBOX and PS

[Jul 04 2017 GMT]

This post is specially opened for the X-BOX and PS players. Talk to your heart’s content. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.


1.    17 is too expensive, I bought 16.

Reply: That is EA sports.


2.    17 will come to an end, and 18 is coming, so enjoy it.

Reply: Waiting for NFL 18.


3.    I want to get a golden bronk next, who can tell me the specific team?

No reply


4.    I’m a new member, really don’t know how to play, and ALL MADDEN is always caught.

Reply: Come on, more practice.


5.    Why always encounter steal when passing the ball? Waiting for master’ s guidance.

Reply: Normal! Practice more!


6.    Fail to enter Ultimate team and franchise. Game account, robot, and network, which is wrong?

Reply: Any of the three is possible. Test it yourself.