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Dion Lewis is in Recovery

[Feb 23 2016 GMT]

New England Patriots running back Dion Lewis is still in recovery after getting injured last November, but his condition is much better now. James White fails to catch some balls in the ALCS, many fans begin to miss Dion Lewis.

Lewis suffers knee injuries in the game against Washington Redskins last November. Thus he stays sidelined and misses several important games. Whether he can come back in 2016 season is an important issue for the fans. It is said that Lewis has met the experts and gets positive results. He may catch up with the team's training camp and preseason games if everything goes smoothly.

Lewis is little known last season but wins the confidence of the team and fans through his good performances this season. Patriots value Lewis's outstanding abilities and do not want him to return soon because the team hopes that he can have a full recovery. Nflcoins agree with Patriots. Only a healthy player can contribute more to the team in the long term.

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