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Dez Bryant Admits to Return Too Early

[Jan 27 2016 GMT]

According to the latest NFL news, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant admits that he returns too early from injuries. Bryant suffers fracture injuries which require surgery. With the absence of Bryant, Dallas Cowboys are weak in passing and attacking.

But Bryant comes back with only missing five games. Dallas Cowboys get 2 wins and 4 losses when Bryant is absent. Bryant hopes to go back to the team as soon as possible in order to help the team win the game. Now he knows that he is wrong when choosing to return in advance but he thinks there is no other choices at that time.

It will take six months for Bryant to recover from the injuries. He has completed 31 receptions for 401 yards and three touchdowns this season, this is the lowest records for him in his career. mmocart think the injured player should have a complete recovery before returning to the game because it is good for the long-term development.

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