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Devon Still Hopes to Return

[Dec 23 2015 GMT]

Devon Still was dismissed by Cincinnati Bengals in September and then he seems to have not won any fovor from any NFL teams. But recently, a piece of news from said that he was trialing in the Denver Broncos, trying to return to the stadium again.

Still was selected by Cincinnati Bengals at the second round in 2012 and was dismissed in 2014. But as a result of his daughter Leah Still getting cancer, he was signed to the training squad. After fighting for the whole season, Leah Still finally overcame the disease, which is the most important and he finished the 12 games. But unfortunately, he was still fired at the end of the season.

After dismissed by Cincinnati Bengals, Devon Still successively trialed in Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans and now the Denver Broncos. He has completed 40 tackling in his career. Hope his future would be great and his daughter healthy forever. By the way, don't forget to buy cheap NFL coins.