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Devin Hester Was Fired by Atlanta Falcons

[Jul 28 2016 GMT]

Devin Hester's days in Atlanta Falcons are over. Falcons announced that they fired the wide receiver. More information is on where you can buy cheap NFL 16 Coins.

This does not make people very surprised. Hyster will be 34 years old. Most of his time were stay in the short-term injured reserve list due to a toe injury. He returned in Week 13 of last season. In the last five games of the season, he made 269 yards return, but failed to complete the catch.

At the end of the season, he accepted toe surgery, which made him miss most of the offseason training. So the opportunity to stay with the team before training camp is more uncertain. He also played nine seasons for the Chicago Bears. He holds back offensive touchdowns and punt return touchdowns record.