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Devin Hester Joined Seattle Seahawks

[Jan 06 2017 GMT]

While Devin Hester felt that he had no chance, another team extended an olive branch to him. reported that before the playoff against the Detroit Lions, the Seattle Seahawks signed the veteran returner.

Hester previously played 12 games for Baltimore Ravens, but he was abandoned in December by the team. Before he was laid off, Hester averaged advanced just 7.2 yards and dropped the ball 5 times per punt return. He has not played in the playoffs since the 2010 National League Championship Series for the Chicago Bears.

Seahawks at the beginning of playoffs faced personnel problems in returner. With Tyler Lockett missed the whole season because of injury, Seahawks can only make changes in the game, so that cornerback Richard Sherman played as punt returner. 

The signing of Hester makes the Seahawks at least find a stop-loss candidate, and the best case is that Hester can bring a threat to their opponents. More information is on where you can buy cheap NFL Coins.